Battle of Rocchetta

Rocchetta Sandri, Sestola (Mo) | 44.24999 E - 10.83957 N |

On 11 August 1944, the German units, assisted by the National Guard, found out about the partisans’ movements, crossed the River Scoltenna and attacked them: this was the start of the “Belvedere” search and round-up operation. During this operation no fewer than 11 partisans were killed, 8 of them in the ambush at the Leo Mill, while they were crossing the river. In addition, 3 partisans, including a woman, and 3 civilians were captured and executed. Several houses were torched.

On 11 August, the attack suddenly began at dawn: one of the hardest and bloodiest, after the battle of Montefiorino itself. « »

Armando [Mario Ricci]

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