Case Cattalini Monument

The foreign partisans

Case Cattalini, Villa Minozzo (Re) | 44.25424 E - 10.47546 N |

An infirmary, directed by Dr Luigi De Toffoli, was established at the hamlet of Case Cattalini, north of Civago, in summer 1944. Some of the partisans evacuated from the hospital at Fontanaluccia were transferred there at the end of July, and in mid August it provided shelter and medical care to those wounded in the fighting at Passo delle Forbici on 2 August, when the Germans encountered fierce resistance from the Stella Rossa Brigade from Bologna and the Russian Battalion.

Today, the Monument to the foreign partisans stands in the hamlet of Case Cattalini. The work is in a yard amongst the houses dedicated to Gregori Konovalenko, a Soviet partisan who died in the battle at Passo delle Forbici. A plaque on the outside of the building which housed the infirmary recalls the officer Ugo Stanzione from Salerno.


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