Castello di Farneta

The second phase of the Liberated Zone

Farneta, Montefiorino (Mo) | 44.35131 E - 10.56993 N |

After the search and round-up in August 1944, after their initial disorganised retreat, the Province of Modena partisans regrouped and retained control of some of the territory originally in the Liberated Zone. It was governed by the Mountain National Liberation Committee (CLN), which held its first session on 4 December 1944; the Committee coordinated and encouraged the action of the municipalities in the Province of Modena (Montefiorino, Frassinoro, Polinago and Prignano). One of its most important acts was the creation of a Court, with both military and civilian jurisdiction, based at the Division Headquarters in Farneta, where the Partisan Police also had their main station.

A plaque on the outside of the building which housed the Headquarters in the winter of 1944-45 recalls these events.


Via Castello, 41045 Farneta di Montefiorino (Mo)

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