Castle and Museo della Resistenza


Montefiorino (Mo) | 44.35943 E - 10.62531 N |

From 18 June 1944 the Castle at Montefiorino, previously the town’s Republic Guard station, became the unified Headquarters of the partisans from the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia who had taken control of the Liberated Zone. The resistance in this area was led by Armando. He was assisted by Commissar Davide (Osvaldo Poppi). The Division’s prisons were also in the Castle. At the end of the month, it was also used by the People’s Council, headed by Teofilo Fontana.

In early August, the Germans performed a search and round-up in the Dolo Valley, retook the Montefiorino area and torched the town.

The Rocca now contains the Museo della Resistenza di Montefiorino, a Museum of the Local Resistance, established in 1979 The liberated zone is also commemorated by a plaque on the outside of the Castle.

Rocca medievale e Museo della Resistenza di Montefiorino


Via Rocca, 1, 41045 Montefiorino (Mo)

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