Centro culturale “Arrigo Benedetti”

The Reggio Emilia partisans

Villa Minozzo (Re) | 44.36518 E - 10.46740 N |

At the end of May 1944, Villa Minozzo, formerly the site of the National Guard headquarters, was occupied by the partisans. In June the Liberated Zone was declared, and the partisan formations from the Provinces of Reggio Emilia and Modena united under Armando’s command. Villa Minozzo was chosen as the headquarters of the Reggio Emilia partisans, led by Riccardo Cocconi, “Miro” (commander) and Didimo Ferrari, “Eros” (commissar). A town Commission also began preparations for the election of a Mayor.

The Liberated Zone was broken up by the German search and round-up operation in early August and Villa Minozzo, like other main centres, was torched. However, by September the Reggio Emilia partisan forces were already reorganising: a single Command for the mountain zone was created, with Augusto Berti “Monti” as commander and “Eros” retaining the post of commissar: a broader-based political body, the Mountain National Liberation Committee, was also established.

The Museo del Maggio is housed in the old Castle, now the home of the Centro Culturale Polivalente “Arrigo Benedetti”. The monument to the fallen in all wars and a plaque commemorating Enrico Zambonini, an anti-Fascist anarchist killed by the Fascists in January 1944, are in piazza della Pace.

Nei locali dell’antica Rocca, sede del Centro Culturale Polivalente “Arrigo Benedetti”, si può visitare il Museo del Maggio. In piazza della Pace sono collocati il monumento ai caduti di tutte le guerre e una lapide dedicata a Enrico Zambonini, antifascista anarchico, ucciso dai fascisti nel gennaio del ’44.


Piazza della Pace, 1, 42030 Villa Minozzo, (Re)

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