Commemorative complex

The massacre on 20 March 1944

Cervarolo, Villa Minozzo (Re) | 44.27693 E - 10.47870 N |

After the battle of Cerrè Sologno, the German authorities decided that more systematic repression was needed. On 20 March 1944, assisted by the National Guard stationed at Reggio Emilia, a unit of the Herman Göring division, which had already committed the massacre at Monchio, carried out a search and round-up operation at the hamlets of Civago and Cervarolo, sacking and torching homes. Four men were killed at Civago; at Cervarolo the twenty-four victims were executed in the yard in the middle of the houses.

A memorial was erected to the victims of 20 March in the cemetery at Cervarolo; the yard where the massacre took place was restored to a design by architect Osvaldo Piacentini, after which three plaques and a shrine were installed there.

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