Hydroelectric power station, Farneta

The struggle for strategic objectives

Farneta, Montefiorino (Mo) | 44.36199 E - 10.58154 N |

The “Romeo Melli” hydroelectric power station was built by the Moglia and Secchia river authority in four years, from 1924 to 1928, and uses the waters of the Dolo and the Dragone, both tributaries of the Secchia. One of the few episodes of social tension against the Fascist regime in the Modena Apennines occurred during the construction of the power station, in 1925, when five hundred workers employed on the project went on strike.

The power station, still in operation, can be visited and contains a museum.


Via della Centrale , 41045 Farneta di Montefiorino (Mo)

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