II Partisan Division Headquarters

Wallenstein III

Piandelagotti, Frassinoro (Mo) | 44.22711 E - 10.51750 N |

During the time of the summer 1944 Liberated Zone, Piandelagotti was the headquarters of the II Division of the Central Emilian Armed Forces, comprising 800-900 men and commanded by Iris Malagoli, “Mario di Modena”. The Division consisted of partisans who had been with Armando in the Panaro valley and men from the plain. A partisan first aid post was created at Piandelagotti. The town was attacked by the Germans twice, on 28 June and 5 July. Father Elio Monari and Captain Ezio Feliciani were captured on the latter occasion: they were executed by firing squad in Florence on 23 July.

A plaque commemorating the fallen and those missing in the War is affixed to the southern side of the church.

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