Iola di Montese and the Museo di Iola Memorie d’Italia

Iola, Montese (Mo) | 44.24578 E - 10.95261 N |

Subdivided into sixteen rooms on different themes, arranged on three floors with a total area of about 600 m2, the History Museum at Iola, near Montese, offers an intriguing insight into the daily lives of both civilians (collection of items from the local area) and soldiers during the War years. The “Memorie d’Italia” houses an impressive display of equipment, including photographs and various documents. A path (442/b of the CAI, or Italian Ramblers Organisation) starting a few dozen metres from the museum leads to the trenches, cleared to allow access in 2009, along the ridge and on the summit of Monte Terminale above the village. The chapel on this high point, built in the early 1900s and destroyed during the War, was restored in 1985.

The village of Iola was liberated by the American Mountain troops of the 86th Regiment on 3 March 1945 after fierce fighting. After the front has passed, the nearby chapel of Madonna del Montenero was used by the Brazilian forces as a first aid station until 1 April 1945. Two monuments have been erected to commemorate the struggle: on the top of Monte Terminale, dedicated to the troops of the 10th Mountain Division, and by the entrance to the chapel, dedicated to the soldiers of the Brazilian 1st Infantry Division.


Via Trebbo, 1, 41055 Iola di Montese (Mo)

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