Liberation Monument

The partisan cavalry

Pietravolta, Frassinoro (Mo) | 44.25954 E - 10.53276 N |

The Germans of the Herman Göring division camped here after the Monchio massacre  before moving on to Gazzano and Cervarolo. During the period of the Liberated Zone, the cavalry of the II Division were stationed at Madonna di Pietravolta, under the command of “Il Maresciallo”.

Pietravolta is mentioned by Davide in a letter to the Emilia Romagna Command of the Resistance as one of the corners of the rectangle chosen for Allied airdrops (the others were Farneta, Gazzano and Novellano).

The village was subjected to search and round-up operations in January and March 1945.

A monument to the Liberation struggle has been erected in Pietravolta.

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