Lizzano in Belvedere

Two partisans hanged

Lizzano in Belvedere (Bo) | 44.15550 E - 10.89765 N |

On 26 June 1944 the local partisans captured a leading member of the local Fascist party and the next day they carried out a sabotage raid close to the town. During the search and round-up operation which the Germans organised on 27 June, they were engaged in a skirmish with the partisans. Most of the formation managed to withdraw, while two partisans stayed in position to cover their comrades’ retreat: one was killed and the other, wounded, was captured. The partisan who was still alive was interrogated and tortured, then tied to the grating of one of the Town Hall Windows, with the body of his comrade on the floor at his feet. Towards evening the prisoner was taken to the junction with the road to Pianaccio and hanged on a rope with the body of the other partisan tied to the other end. A plaque was installed at the site of the hanging after the War.

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