Marina di Magrignana

Logistics base between the Germans and the partisans

Magrignana, Montecreto (Mo) | 44.22672 E - 10.70430 N |

This small hamlet at the foot of Monte Cimone was constantly a key location, both for the partisans and for the retreating Germans. Armando’s partisans passed through here at the end of May 1944 after the battle at Capanna Tassoni. More partisans came this way after the retreat from Montefiorino (August 1944); after crossing the main Via Giardini at Groppo (Riolunato), they continued to the town of Riolunato and then to the hamlet of Marina, before proceeding towards Passo del Lupo (Sestola). On 19 April 1945 German troops from Canevare (Fanano) passed over Passo del Lupo and then through Marina before joining the main body of the retreating army on the via Giardini.


Via Magrignana, 41025 Montecreto (Mo)

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