Memorial stone to the fallen

The winter round-up

Novellano, Villa Minozzo (Re) | 44.30416 E - 10.48233 N |

7 January 1945 saw the start of a German assault on the zone under partisan control, in both the Modena and the Reggio Emilia Apennines. The search and round-up operation lasted four days, with a series of skirmishes and fire-fights, especially in and around Novellano. In spite of their serious losses (twenty dead and about forty wounded), the partisans succeeded in withdrawing in good order, and after just a few days they had already retaken their original positions.

Novellano is mentioned by Davide in a letter to the Emilia Romagna Command of the Resistance as one of the corners of the rectangle chosen for Allied airdrops (the others were Farneta, Gazzano and Pietravolta).

The partisans killed in the fighting are commemorated in the plaque to the fallen in wars on the wall of the church, and by two memorial stones and a shrine on the road to Gova.

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