Memorial to Tincani and Martelli

Fascist reprisals against conscription evaders

Gusciola, Montefiorino (Mo) | 44.34996 E - 10.58653 N |

In December 1943, the National Guard stationed at Montefiorino set to work to force young fugitives to report for military service with Mussolini’s rump Republic. On 23 December a Carabinieri military policeman was killed in a fire-fight with Teofilo Fontana’s partisans. The next day, Fascist units carried out search and round-up operations, arresting a young man called Carlo Tincani, amongst others, and another skirmish with Fontana’s partisans occurred; this time a Carabinieri sergeant was killed. On 28 December another search and round-up led to the arrest of more young men, including Ultimo Martelli. On 31 December the prisoners were moved to Modena, where the Military Tribunal sentenced Tincani and Martelli, aged 19 and 20 years of age, to death for the killing of the two Carabinieri, even though they had not been involved in any way.

A plaque in the square at Gusciola commemorates the two young men who were put to death.

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