Monte Penna at Acquaria

28-29 April 1944: the battle

Acquaria, Montecreto (Mo) | 44.27538 E - 10.77628 N |

After attacking the airport at Pavullo and carrying off machine guns from the planes in the hangar, Armando’s partisan formation retreated to Monte Penna at Acquaria; the group also included the partisans from the “Bozzi” formation, from Pistoia. Armando chose Monte Penna because from the summit there is a good view of all its slopes and surroundings. On the morning of 28 April, a German column left Pavullo along the Serpentino road, intending to attack the partisans, but it was halted near the Prugneto bridge. This was the start of a battle, which lasted all day, but in the evening Armando withdrew his forces to seek shelter near Montemolino (Palagano). The Germans continued their search and round-up operations for two days. The partisans were able to use the machine-guns thanks to the improvised tripods made by the blacksmith at Acquaria (Montecreto). This battle is believed to be the first engagement in which more than one partisan formation fought together. A plaque in the hamlet of Ca’ Gambarà recalls the assistance given to the partisans by the house’s owners during the battle of Monte Penna, when their home became Armando’s command position.

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