Monteacuto delle Alpi

The executed partisans

Monteacuto delle Alpi, Lizzano in Belvedere (Bo) | 44.13520 E - 10.88471 N |

As part of the search and round-up operations organised by the German troops after General Crisolli was killed in an ambush by the partisans, on 16 September 1944 a vast operation was launched in the area around Orsigna (San Marcello Pistoiese). A column climbed up from Monteacuto delle Alpi and managed to locate four Tuscan partisans. In the fighting which followed, one of them died and two were wounded. The three prisoners were forced to carry the munitions to Monteacuto and locked in a cellar. After being interrogated and beaten up, two of them were taken to the town cemetery and shot, while the third was transferred to Panigale, near Lizzano in Belvedere, to await further investigations. After harsh interrogation the partisan was locked up again, but he took advantage of a favourable opportunity and managed to escape. A partisan belonging to the Giustizia e Libertà formation had already been shot outside the cemetery at Monteacuto on 21 July of the same year; he was a university student from Bologna, captured in the attempt to deliver the last letter a prisoner (taken on 27 June) had written to his family before his execution.

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