Montese and its Museo storico

Montese (Mo) | 44.26805 E - 10.93842 N |

The town’s medieval castle houses the History Museum of Montese, dedicated to historic settlements in the area and the local culture. The largest section covers the 2nd World War and the fighting on the Gothic Line nearby. The main room, in particular, houses showcases and display cases containing objects and clothing issued to the soldiers, as well as finds from the area. A special area is dedicated to the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (FEB), which liberated Montese (14 April 1945). Montese was the Municipality in the Province of Modena most seriously damaged by the War, and it received the Italian Bronze Medal for Civilian Bravery. The old town centre contains a large number of monuments to the Resistance and the Brazilian troops.


Via Della Rocca, 291, 41055 Montese (Mo)

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