Monument to Father Sante Bartolai

Political deportation

Savoniero, Palagano (Mo) | 44.34683 E - 10.65275 N |

Father Sante Bartolai was parish priest of Palagano from 1942, with responsibility for the catholic youth movement in the towns and villages of the right Dragone valley. He actively organised and supported the first local partisan bands. Involved in the skirmishes with the Fascists near Savoniero on 9 March, Father Sante decided to stay and care for the injured. This led to his arrest, and he was transferred to Modena, before being sent to the transit camp at Fossoli and on to Mauthausen – Ebenzee. He was freed when the Americans arrived on 5 May 1945. After the War he was appointed parish priest of Savoniero, where he remained until his death in 1979.

A monument to the deportees was erected in his honour in the park behind the church at Savoniero.

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