Monument to the Republic of Montefiorino

Relations between the partisan formations

Villanova, Farneta, Montefiorino (Mo) | 44.32952 E - 10.56673 N |

After the events at Gusciola, and the search and round-up operations which followed, the local formation led by Teofilo Fontana and Cesario Palandri, “Balin”, took refuge in the small hamlet of Villanova, above Farneta.

Early in June 1944 the Sassuolo partisans led by Giuseppe Barbolini also used Villanova as their base for a short time. Here they managed to recover an allied airdrop and were joined by Commissar Davide, who persuaded them to share the airdrop and join the formation led by Armando.

A monument recalling the Partisan Republic stands along the road to Villanova.

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