Parco dei Caduti

The massacre on 18 March 1944

Monchio, Palagano (Mo) | 44.38440 E - 10.64852 N |

Hard hit by the operations of Rossi’s “rebels”, the Fascists attempted to respond: during the first few months of 1944 Francesco Bocchi, the Commissar in charge at Montefiorino, requested the dispatch of German troops on several occasions. At dawn on 18 March 1944, units of the Herman Göring division, accompanied by Fascist militias, searched and sacked the villages of Monchio, Susano and Costrignano. 136 civilians died in the massacre.

The Parco dei Caduti, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the massacre, was created in the park below the church at Monchio in 1969. The statue of Christ, emblem of the brotherhood of peoples, was subsequently erected in the park.


SP24, 149, 41046 Monchio di Palagano (Mo)

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