Parco della Resistenza, Monte Santa Giulia

The beginning of the Resistance

Monchio, Palagano (Mo) | 44.39013 E - 10.65936 N |

In November 1943 one of the first groups of partisans headed for the Apennines and came to Monte Santa Giulia at Monchio, Palagano. They were a group of men from Sassuolo led by Giovanni Rossi, a former NCO in the army. The Monte Santa Giulia area was to continue to be strategic throughout the story of the resistance in the Modena area; in December, at Le Macchie, Armando organised an initial meeting to coordinate the partisans in the Province of Modena, also attended by Rossi, the brother and sister Norma and Giuseppe Barbolini, and Leo Dignatici, and from February 1944 the group of local partisans led by Domenico Telleri “Minghin” had its base near the small church. At the end of September it became the base for the Modena formations which did not follow Armando when he crossed the Front, who established their headquarters at Morano. In December 1944 and January 1945, the partisans recovered several Allied airdrops around Santa Giulia, and the weapons were concealed in the church, which however was blown up by the Germans during the search and round-up in mid January. From January the zone became the base of the partisans led by Marcello, and it was attacked by the Germans again on 1 April.

In 1994 a memorial consisting of a ring of 14 sculptures was erected in the Park dedicated to the resistance, which was established in the Seventies.


Via Le Macchie, 20, 41046 Monchio di Palagano (Mo)

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