Partisans at the conquest of Monte Belvedere

Monte Belvedere, Lizzano in Belvedere (Bo) | 44.20512 E - 10.89058 N |

The arrival of the American troops of Task Force 45 marked the start of operations for the partisans, who set to work to show what they could do. They made no fewer than three attacks, in association with the Americans, on the German defences on Monte Belvedere: on 29 October, 24-25 November and 12 December. The commander of the Matteotti brigade, Toni Giuriolo, was killed in the December assault.

The history of Task Force 45 states:

It must be said that throughout the entire Belvedere oparation, the Partisans fought side by side with our troops and showed exactly the same courage and determination in the conduct of their mission. The operation concluded with strong mutual respect and admiration between these Italian volunteers and our American troops. « »

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