Pause at Montespecchio

Montespecchio, Montese (Mo) | 44.26478 E - 10.88404 N |

After the battle at Sassoguidano (Pavullo) on 21 September 1944, Armando’s partisans crossed the river and fought off two attempts by the Germans to cut off their route to Montespecchio, the first in the bed of the River Panaro and the second from Montese. Two partisans died in the fighting at Sassoguidano and the Germans killed no fewer than eight civilians there.

Armando: “It was already dark when my 700 partisans, coming from all around [Sassoguidano], reached the banks of the River Panaro with their mule and horses; the lads were tired and hot under the weight of their rifles and machine-guns. We were not yet out of danger because the Germans were still firing, but once again, I called everyone for a roll call and said we must get across the river as soon as possible but without being carried away by the water or the hurry. « »

Armando [Mario Ricci]

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