The Feldgendarmerie headquarters

Pievepelago (Mo) | 44.20699 E - 10.61705 N |

In mid June 1944, a unit of the Feldgendarmerie (2./Einsatz-Kommando Oberführer SS Bürger) took over the town’s former Carabinieri station, while eight soldiers were posted to Sant’Andrea Pelago, taking turns to guard the Tavernaro Bridge (on the main via Giardini road). The bridge had been blown up by partisans and patched up a few days earlier. The unit took part in all the search and round-up operations in the zone. In early July the command point was moved to Santona (Lama Mocogno), leaving a small detachment in the town. All the Feldgendarmerie left the area for good on 27 August 1944.

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