Pizzo di Campiano

The sensitive point in the battle for “Riva Ridge”

Pizzo di Campiano, Fanano (Mo) | 44.20000 E - 10.84775 N |

During the night between 18 and 19 February 1945, in accordance with the plan for Operation Encore the American troops of A Company of the 86th Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division attacked this German stronghold, but encountered much stronger resistance than they had been led to expect. Therefore, on the evening of 19 February B company, which had occupied Monte Cappel Buso, had to move to Pizzo di Campiano to support their comrades in difficulty. The many counter-attacks launched by the Germans with the aim of taking back the strategic peak led to bloody fighting and lasted until 25 February, when the American troops were able to leave the summit, relieved by an antitank unit from the same division. Eleven American and 29 German troops died on the mountain. In 2002 a monument and a sign in three languages recalling the battle were placed on the peak during the “Riva Ridge 1945-2002. Una montagna di pace” commemorative event.

The local museum, the Museo di Monti della Riva: Linea Gotica e Felix Pedro, at Trignano tells the stories of those who took part in the Battle of Riva Ridge.

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