Poggiolforato in the Dardagna Valley

The cradle of the partisan formations

Poggiolferrato, Lizzano in Belvedere (Bo) | 44.16823 E - 10.83223 N |

The “Bozzi” partisan formation, of men from the Pistoia area, was founded at Poggiolforato in autumn 1943. The valley of the River Dardagna also saw the formation of the groups, called “Pisacane”, “Ca’ Berna” (later the 63rd “Bolero”), “Slit”, “Toti” and others.

This area was also involved in the Ca’ Berna massacre. When the Germans came into the village, they rounded up a large number of men and lined them up against a wall ready to be shot. The hostages were saved by two German soldiers who had been taken prisoner by the partisans a few days earlier and had been entrusted to the local people. However, two partisans were captured and executed.

Plaques recall the partisans who died: Armando Zolli and Olindo Castagnoli.

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