Priest’s house of Father Pasquino Borghi

The rescue of escaped Allied prisoners

Tapignola, Santonio, Villa Minozzo (Re) | 44.33563 E - 10.44492 N |

Father Pasquino Borghi, born in 1903, was parish priest at Coriano-Tapignola from the early Forties. After Italy’s Armistice with the Allies and the deposing of Mussolini on 8 September 1943, he joined the partisan movement under the name of “Albertario” and the priest’s house at Tapignola became a shelter for Allied prisoners, Italian deserters and partisans, making it a key point of reference, together with the home of his friend Father Carlo, for the Reggio partisan movement. His activities did not pass unobserved and on 21 January 1944 Father Pasquino was arrested by the Fascists at Villa Minozzo and transferred to prison at Reggio Emilia.

He was executed by firing squad on 30 January.

A bust of Father Pasquino Borghi has been erected along the avenue leading to the church, which contains a mosaic portraying him and scenes from the partisan struggle.


Via Pradancino, 30, 42030 Santonio di Villa Minozzo (Re)

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