Primary school at Case Cerbiani

The first partisan hospital

Fontanaluccia, Frassinoro (Mo) | 44.26645 E - 10.50931 N |

The first partisan hospital in the Liberated Zone was established at Fontanaluccia. A first infirmary was created in the school at Case Cerbiani. It was directed by Dr Gerolamo Andreaoli, an anti-Fascist evacuated to Fontanaluccia. He was aided by Dr Luigi De Toffoli, who was taken prisoner by Armando’s partisans and then decided to join the resistance cause. When the August 1944 search and round-up began, the wounded were evacuated: the less serious were moved to Civago and the more serious hidden along the watercourses and then at Predelle, in a barn on the edge of the woods. From the beginning of September some of the wounded were transferred to the Hospice run by Father Mario Prandi and others to the new infirmary at Case Cattalini.

There are commemorative plaques on the outside of the school and the Hospice, still run as a Nursing Home, and at Predelle, accessible by means of a path.

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