Rendezvous on Monte Penna

Acquaria, Montecreto (Mo) | 44.27806 E - 10.76461 N |

Between 2 and 3 August 1944, after retreating from Montefiorino and crossing the Abetone highway (12), Armando’s about 800 partisans met up on Monte Penna to regroup. They stayed there for 3 days, then moved to the Sassoguidano area, below Pavullo. Here they heard that the Germans had learnt their location from spies and were preparing to attack. The partisans had no choice but to move into the zone between Rocchetta (Sestola) and Trentino (Fanano).

Armando described their arrival on Monte Penna:

After three sleepless nights, we'd finally be able to get some sleep, but with one eye open, as we had been doing for months, to be constantly alert and not be taken by surprise. « »

Armando [Mario Ricci]

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