The massacre

Ronchidoso, Montese (Mo) | 44.21516 E - 10.92291 N |

The local Giustizia e Libertà partisan brigade was founded in the buildings adjoining the chapel (dedicated to emigrants from the area) in June 1944. In autumn 1944, when the German unit which had massacred civilians at Ca’ Berna reached the area (28 September), some shots were fired at the troops by a partisan and one soldier was injured. Between 28 and 30 September that same unit, probably assisted by another already present in the area, put to death no fewer than 66 people, plus another two killed on 4 October.

Not far from the chapel, heading towards Monte Castello on the “Guanella – Monte Castello – Ronchidoso” historic trail, is Quota 1058, an impressive example of an entrenched camp running right along the side of the hill. Ronchidoso was taken by the Americans of the 10th Mountain Division on 22 February 1945, during the first phase of Operation Encore.

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