The 4 July hostages repair the bridge

Roncoscaglia, Sestola (Mo) | 44.23714 E - 10.74742 N |

The hostages captured in Sestola on the morning of 4 July 1944 reached the bridge known as “del Prete” (the Priest’s bridge), which the partisans had blown up on 20 June. The Germans made the hostages get off the truck and repair the bridge. Amongst them was Father Crovetti, who had managed to escape the search in Sestola but who had given himself up when the word reached him that if he did not turn himself in the Germans would burn down Roncoscglia, where he was parish priest. The soldiers of the Feldgendarmerie treated him with particular violence, slapping and punching him. In the evening, when the bridge had been repaired, the column proceeded towards the prison at Pievepelago. After three days, and after some hostages had been released, the others, including Father Crovetti, were transferred to the transit camp at Fossoli, on route for Dachau.

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