Sant’Andrea Pelago

The German Flak

| 44.21410 E - 10.61195 N |

Father Antonio Galli’s diary entry for 28 July 1944 reads: “Two of the four anti-aircraft batteries to be positioned up here have arrived: one has been installed at Lazze, above Modino […] and the other at Pianagrande, above Sant’Andrea Pelago. Each battery consists of four 88 millimetre guns and four twenty millimetre machine guns.” On 27 October one of the two Sant’Andrea Pelago anti-aircraft batteries was moved to Pavullo. On 12 November, the Flak fired the biggest bombardment since their arrival, with the German artillerymen firing no fewer than eight hundred shells in an hour and a half. All the anti-aircraft batteries were withdrawn from the village at dawn on 1 January 1945.

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