30 July 1944, start of the attack on the Montefiorino Liberated Zone

Sant'Annapelago, Pievepelago (Mo) | 44.19219 E - 10.55207 N |

On 30 July 1944 the Germans began preparations for their attack on the Montefiorino Liberated Zone, approaching it from two directions, from Sassuolo, and also from Pievepelago, where the aim was to occupy Sant’Annapelago and proceed towards Piandelagotti to take out the partisan defences just above Cadagnolo and Ca’ Marmocchio, and also at Medolo di Roccapelago. The Germans positioned artillery at Roccapelago for use during the operations the next day. The Sant’Annapelago zone was defended by partisans from the II Division under Mario “il Modenese”, who were forced to retreat after a short fight. The Germans occupied Sant’Annapelago a few hours later. At the end of the day, three civilians had been killed and three homes burnt down in the Sant’Anna area, with thirteen homes torched at Roccapelago. The next day (31/7) the Germans pushed on towards their objective, Piandelagotti, beginning the attack on the Montefiorino Liberated Zone. On that day, three more civilians were killed in or around Sant’Anna.

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