The battle

Sassoguidano, Pavullo nel Frignano (Mo) | 44.32074 E - 10.88296 N |

After the August battle, Armando regrouped his forces and decided to take on the Germans on the ground he knew best: Sassoguidano, near Pavullo nel Frignano. He positioned his men across the terrain and waited for the German troops to arrive. On the morning of 21 September 1944, the bell of the little church at Sassoguidano rang out to announce the start of the battle. The fighting was fierce, and the individual groups gradually disengaged in an orderly manner to fall back across the Panaro, an escape route intentionally kept open.

Two partisans died in the fighting at Sassoguidano and the Germans killed no fewer than eight civilians there.

[Armando] gave orders for the preparation of positions, fox-holes and shelters and readied his men to await the enemy. Riding his bay horse […] he moved from position to position, inspecting and advising. His style of command was based on persuasion, without the slightest hint of authoritarianism; he was sure he would be listened to and obeyed, counting on the universal prestige he enjoyed through conduct that had won his men's respect. « »

Augusto Vaccari “Regina”

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