Serretta di Canevare

Execution of the deputy commander of the “Fanano” formation

Canevare, Fanano (Mo) | 44.19742 E - 10.76069 N |

On 9 October 1944, Fernando Turchi (“Bocca”), deputy commander of the Fanano formation, decided to attempt to reach Armando, thinking that he was still in the Pratignano area. He joined some friends in Fanano and set out, but they were stopped and arrested just below the town. Taken before the German command, they were interrogated and shortly afterwards the others were released, but Turchi was kept back because a pistol had been found in his pocket. In the evening he was moved to a house along the town’s main avenue and interrogated again and tortured all night. The next morning he was taken to the hamlet of Serretta, near Canevare, until very recently inhabited by the members of his formation as well as a large number of evacuees from Fanano. The Germans searched the hamlet, requisitioned everything they found, then shot Turchi. His comrades observed these events from higher ground and decided to cross the Front that very same day. They joined the Costrignano Brigade, which operated on the Pistoia side of the mountains, in contact with Armando.

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