The search and round-up of 4 July 1944

Sestola (Mo) | 44.23037 E - 10.77125 N |

On 17 June 1944 the partisans of the local formation known as “Tommasino’s” unit occupied the town of Sestola and disarmed the National Guard station in the Castle; they then destroyed the Fascist headquarters and appointed a young lad as Mayor instead of the old Fascist “Podestà” During the second ten days of June the partisans asked the soldiers they had captured to desert and join their ranks: fourteen refused and were executed. However, the partisans’ occupation of the town was not unnoticed by the Germans, and in the early morning of 4 July 1944 the Feldgendarmerie from Pievepelago arrived in Sestola and began a house-to-house search. The partisans withdrew without offering any resistance. During the action the German soldiers burnt the house belonging to General Maras, requisitioned everything that could be of use to them and captured about twenty hostages, including two priests and a lawyer from Prato, and loaded them onto a truck to take them to Pievepelago.

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