Strettara hydroelectric power station

Strettara, Montecreto (Mo) | 44.25920 E - 10.71121 N |

Built between 1917 and 1920 near the historic Strettara bridge, it houses two 6,000 HP turbines generating a total power of 6 MW. It is supplied by the Riolunato reservoir. A witness recalls that early in April 1945, German soldiers called at the nearby homes and warned the residents to open their windows because there was going to be a “big boom”; shortly afterwards, an explosion demolished the roof of the power station, causing slight damage to the machinery. Thanks to efforts of Società Emiliana workers, electricity production restarted just a few days later. Charges were also set on the bridges at Montecreto, but luckily they were not demolished.


Via Ponte Strettara, 2, 41025 Montecreto (Mo)

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