The Cerreta monument

The partisans hanged on 30 june

Cerreta, Pievepelago (Mo) | 44.22291 E - 10.62755 N |

In the two attacks on two German vehicles at Cerreta, on the via Giardini (25 and 26 June 1944), the partisans killed one soldier and injured another. On the afternoon of 26 June, the Felgendarmerie organised a round-up operation to take hostages to carry their weapons and ammunition in preparation for the attack they were planning against Piandelagotti, occupied by the partisans. The German column left Pievepelago on 28 June, and when it reached Piandelagotti it launched its attack, during which the German soldiers captured 40 civilians and shot ten of them. The thirty remaining hostages were transferred to Pievepelago and on 30 June four of them were hanged at Cerreta, while the others were taken to Modena to be interned in concentration camps in Germany. The bodies of the four hanged men were to remain exposed for four days as ordered. The monument was vandalised over the years and a new stone was erected in 1984.

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