The last Partisan offensive: the Monte Lancio ridge

Monte Lancio, Fanano (Mo) | 44.17332 E - 10.76991 N |

In the American plans, the final phase of operation “Encore”, called “Jump off” was scheduled for mid April 1945. The plan of operations also involved the use of Armando’s partisans, who were to start from the Dardagno Valley and take the Monte Lancio ridge, above Fanano. The operation began on 16 April, in association with the partisans from the Costrigano brigade, who were in the mountains on the Pistoia side of the main watershed. The first assault was beaten back, but on 19 April the partisans took the peaks and heights of Cima Tauffi, Monte Rondinara (Costrignano), Monte Lancio and Montemezzano di sopra (Armando). The next day, 20 April, Armando’s partisans entered Fanano, where the Germans had withdrawn.

In Armando's words:

Everything was ready. But the next day, instead of starting the approach to Montese, as had been suggested, agreed and decided, I received these incredible new orders. "You," the Americans said, "and your division are to set off now towards Monte Cimone. […]" Anyway, as the orders from above said, we set off, and not in three days, as the orders from above stated, but in a day and a half, peak by peak, we drove off the enemy, clearing them from the heights, using tactics everyone described as bold and daring." « »

Armando [Mario Ricci]

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