The Lastranera copper mines

The bases of the local partisans

Lastranera, Montecreto (Mo) | 44.26647 E - 10.72949 N |

The native copper mines near Ca’ Marsilio and Ca’ Gabriele were worked mainly during the Second World War. In 1939, 22 men were employed there, mining about 500 tons of material. A year later, the mines were taken over by a new company, which sunk new shafts and extended the tunnels, increasing output. In 1942 the business was sold to Fiat. During the War years, the zone became the operations base of the local partisan formation known as “Vipera” [Aspis]. The mines closed for good in 1948. Thanks to the work of local volunteers, today the mines can be visited, at least on the outside.

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