The memorial of Faggiaccia

The five female victims

| 44.20454 E - 10.48864 N |

On 11 November 1944, at La Faggiaccia on the way to the Saltello Pass, three German other ranks surprised five women on their way back from Tuscany, and after a short exchange of words they killed them in cold blood. The women’s bodies, hurriedly buried, were exhumed in July 1946. In the exhumation report, the Carabinieri police record that the women had gone to Tuscany either to visit their husbands or to take their cattle to a place of safety. A German private who witnessed the events deserted a few days later and recounted what he had seen during his routine interrogation; this witness statement enabled the General Military Prosecutor of the Republic of Italy to open investigation no. 1523, but it was not possible to identify the culprits. After the War, the local community erected a monument bearing the names and photographs of the victims. In 2013 the stone carving of the church at S.Annepelago on the monument was disfigured by vandals, but a year later it was swiftly restored with the addition of a new plaque and a new carving, similar to the previous one.

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