Seven civilians from Pistoia shot

Trignano, Fanano (Mo) | 44.22361 E - 10.82827 N |

On 24 September 1944 the Germans captured seven men near Pistoia, forced them to carry munitions to Montese and then released them. The seven men, relieved to have got away, stayed together and headed towards Trignano, intending to cross the watershed ridge by way of the valley of Ospitale, which was considered safer. However, when they reached the outskirts of Trignano they came across a group of German troops who were positioning two artillery pieces, and were stopped. The commandant wanted to kill them there and then in the hamlet, but the owner of the property managed to get them set free. The seven men continued on their way, but when they reached Ca’ Magnani they were stopped again and taken prisoner by two soldiers who were laying telephone lines. Brought to the command post at Capanna di Trignano, they were interrogated. This time the hostages were unable to convince the commandant that they were not partisans. At eight that evening they were led out into a nearby field and shot. Their bodies were given a rough burial.

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