Querciola and the Gothic Line

Querciola, Lizzano in Belvedere (Bo) | 44.19540 E - 10.88598 N |

Querciola was on the part of the Gothic Line running from Riva Ridge to Monte Belvedere. All the attacks launched on the summit of Belvedere by Armando’s partisans and the American mountain troops passed through here. On 28 September 1944 the German column responsible for the Ca’ Berna massacre also passed through Querciola on its way to Ronchidoso, and a young man was surprised and killed.

The square named after the American Mountain troops contains a monument to them. On 2015, a plaque was added to the monument to commemorate the American Jewish doctor awarded the Bronze Star for his work on Monte Cappel Buso, who was killed shortly afterwards, early in March 1945, during the battle to take Castel d’Aiano.


Piazza 10th Mountain Division, 40042 Querciola (Bo)

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