Commemorative column

The first partisan battle

Cerrè Sologno, Villa Minozzo (Re) | 44.35874 E - 10.36458 N |

In March 1944 a formation was in operation in the Apennines above Reggio Emilia including Modena fighters from the Barbolini detachment, lead by Giuseppe, and the Reggio partisans under Riccardo Cocconi “Miro”. The first combat with German and Fascist forces took place on 15 March at Cerrè Sologno. The partisans won the day but lost some men; Giuseppe Barbolini, seriously wounded in one arm, temporarily passed command of the formation to his sister Norma. In the days after the battle the combined Modena-Reggio formation broke up.

The battle of Cerrè Sologno is commemorated by a roadside column.

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